How to create an ideal client profile in few simple steps

How to create an ideal client profile in few simple steps

Hello, my friends.

Today I want to focus on creating an ideal client profile for your business purpose. You have to know your audience before you’ll start expanding your business.

This process might take a while but it is definitely worth to try. After reading this article you should be able to imagine your ideal client as a real person, so keep reading to find out.

How to create an ideal client profile?

The first thing to do is defying your niche. You need to know what is your niche before you’ll start to create an ideal client profile. Focus on your key skills,  specify your services or products to reach your target audience.

How to create an ideal client profile, where to find them and how to attract them.


Ideal client profile

To create ideal client profile you need to focus on demographic and psychographic aspects of your audience.


–    What is your audience age

–    What is their gender

–    What is their occupation

–    What is an Income level they earn


–    What is the type of their industry

–    What is the type of their business

–    What social media channels do they use

–    How much time do they spend online

–    Where do they shopping

–    What they are struggling with

Once you will answer the above questions you should have an idea who your ideal client is.

How to find your ideal client

  • Find platforms and social media your ideal client use,
  • Start using hashtags your client use (Instagram is a good tool for this),
  • Join relevant fb groups,
  • Interact with community, answer questions, provide solutions, give value, so people will know what you are good at,
  • Make easy to find you, have a visible contact me page and social media channels, all up to date.

How to attract your ideal client attention?

Now based on what you did, you can start planning your business goals.

  • Create content plus social posts so you can help resolve your ideal client problems.
  • Use target keywords all around your content.
  • Use call to action and link to a landing page with a relevant content offer at the bottom of your posts.
  • Use social media share widgets so people could share your content on social media.
  • Built thank you page so you could thank your clients.


Remember you don’t have to do all of the above just by yourself! You can successfully delegate part of those tasks to your virtual assistant and focus on giving more valuable content for your clients.