How to increase productivity at work – 10 Tips

How to increase productivity at work – 10 Tips


Increase productivity – do you want to know how to do it in few simple steps? If yes- this article is for you! Keep Reading.


Can be described as various measures of the ability of production.  Being more productive means that you can earn more money by finishing more tasks in shorter time. It also means that you can save your time by being more efficient. Who wouldn’t want that?

Unfortunately, life isn’t perfect and sometimes the outcome of your work is not satisfying. You do less than planned and you start being unhappy.  You have no willingness to do anything and your list of tasks just growing every day.

Now is the time when you can start improving your productivity on a daily basis.  Always keep in mind Pareto principle which is saying that 20% of input creates 80% results. Try baby steps, you don’t have to be productivity mastermind in just one afternoon. Increasing productivity will require your work, but the end result will be much more what you’ve expected.

How to increase productivity at work borkow va virtual assistant

How to increase productivity

  1. Start your day in the evening just before go to bed:
  • Make a list of 3 most important task for next day – that will help you focus on doing not on thinking how to do it and when,
  • Make a list of your 3 success (they can be really small things)- to boost your confidence and to make you feel better (cause you’re awesome);
  1. In the morning start your day 30 minutes earlier than usual- it’s not a big sacrifice, but will give you 2.5 hours extra per week!
  2. Listen to your body:
  • Get enough sleep,
  • Drink plenty of water,
  • Eat healthy (or at least try),
  • Do some exercise – at least 30 minutes per day,
  1. Focus on only one job at the moment and start monotasking,
  2. Turn off all of notifications and mute your phone when working,
  3. Be self-assertion and start saying NO!
  4. Try to use Getting Things Done method by David Allen
  5. Follow 2 minutes rule- if the task will last less than 2 minutes do it straightaway. It’s really simple and can work pretty well.
  6. Working in 50 minutes blocks will improve your productivity and few minutes will help you focus on your next task.
  7. Start using mind maps when doing notes. It’s useful tool, helping you save time and increase productivity. I’ll show you how to create mind maps on the blog soon!


Hope you’ll find some of the above methods useful and you will increase productivity. Remember building positive routine is really important and will give you more benefits and productivity increase.

If you’ve got your own ways to boost your productivity I’d love to hear it.